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Antique shop Copenhagen

Ved Glyptoteket 6, Copenhagen

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GB Antik - Antique shop Copenhagen

GB Antiques is considered one of the best small Antique shops in Copenhagen's city center. GB Antik is a tiny and charming antique store with a wide range of antique gift items and collectibles including Christmas plates, Bjorn Wiinblad, Royal Copenhagen china and more. It is also one of the oldest antique shops in Copenhagen and very centrally located. See map

GB Antiques shop is a few steps from the Marriot Hotel Copenhagen, the Copenhagen Nobis hotel, the Tivoli hotel, Cabinn City hotel, the famous Tivoli Gardens, the Carlsberg Glypotek museum, the Copenhagen central station and the Copenhagen Town hall square. See map

Address GB Antiques shop

Ved Glypoteket 6
DK 1575
Copenhagen V,

Tel. +45 21 68 25 29
E- mail.

Opening times GB Antiques

Monday to Saturday 11am to 5pm

Map location GB Antik - GB Antiques

Open larger map - Ved Glypoteket 6 - DK 1575 - Copenhagen V, Denmark

Hotels near GB Antiques shop

Antique shops near Copenhagen Marriott Hotel.
We are just 8 minutes walk from Copenhagen Marriott Hotel.
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Antique shops near Nobis Hotel Copenhagen
We are 2 minutes walk from Nobis Hotel Copenhagen
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Antique shops near Tivoli Hotel
We are 13 minutes walk from Tivoli hotel
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What we offer

GB Antiques sells Royal Copenhagen "mussel" or "blue fluted" design, Danish Christmas plates, Bjorn Wiinblad china, Royal Copenhagen and Bing and Grøndahl figurines and Christmas plates and much more. The GB Antique shop in Copenhagen is an Aladdin's cave ofantique collectibles, silverware and glassware. Find Danish gifts and antiques and more.

About us

The GB Antiques shop owner was established in 1975 by the present owner who still manages the shop. She has become an institution in the Danish antique shop business with over 40 years of experience.

She was present when Copenhagen opened the very first antique flea market "Københavns Loppetorv' in the 1970s on Israels Plads in Copenhagen and was also in the antique market of Illum's department store for many years.

In her youth she travelled the globe and lived in many countries and in 1974 she returned to her native Denmark.

She is a Copenhagener through and through and long and is happy to share her time and tips about the city.

She speaks English and German and has a vast knowledge of Danish antiques and collectibles.

Contact GB Antiques

Call or Text: Phone: +45 21 68 25 29
Send email to

A tiny selection of the hundreds of gifts and collectibles GB Antiques can offer.

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GB Antique shop Copenhagen
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